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Frequently Asked Questions:

I am still not sure of my travel plans. What happens if I change my mind?

Guests have the option at the time of booking to book either a Standard or Flexible Rate.

- The Standard Rate is best for those whose plans are unlikely to change. Once the rental is confirmed we cannot refund your booking. A full cancellation entails forfeiting of monies paid, however, we offer optional loss, liability and cancellation insurance. Opting for this option entitles reimbursement in most serious cases. 

- The Flexible Rate is the best option for those who want more flexibility. If you have opted for the flexible rate at the time of confirmation you have the flexibility to shift your dates, extend or shorten your stay, change apartments*, or cancel your booking up to one month before your arrival with no penalty.

No matter the rate you choose we also recommend our guests always opt for rental loss and liability insurance. This covers any damage that may occur in the apartment during your stay and most cancellations due to illness, loss of job, etc. up to the time of your arrival in Paris.

*If you opt to change apartments and upgrade you will be charged the difference in price, but A La Carte will charge no penalty for this change.

Is renting a Paris vacation apartment the right choice for me? 

Among savvy travelers, renting a Paris luxury apartment has been rising in popularity, however, it is not the best option for everyone.   For those that require daily service, such as breakfast options and beds made each day with 24/7 room service on hand, then sticking with a hotel would be best.  For those who are willing to swap some of these daily services, they will find that a Paris apartment rental has many conveniences.  Unlike a hotel room, in a rental there is a proper living area and there is much more space to spread out so you won’t feel forced spend every waking moment outside.  The apartment will eventually become your ‘home away from home’ and you will be able to experience a delightful slice of authentic Parisian life, ensuring a memorable and special vacation.  By using an A La Carte Paris luxury apartment, you will enjoy a cultural experience that you would not get from an impersonal cookie-cutter hotel room.

How does A La Carte select its apartment rentals?     

By selecting only apartments in the best central locations, our Paris luxury apartment rentals are selected to offer style, comfort, and usability.  Our rentals will always have strong character, charm, and charisma.  In the crowded market, A La Carte Paris is here to offer you the exceptional choice among the average, securing your place among the best. 

Are the apartments as good as they look in the photos? 

We try and represent our Paris luxury apartments rentals as accurately as possible, as it is important that our guests feel confident and know exactly what they are booking.  We have recently started adding videos so guests get a good idea of what it will be like to walk through those apartment doors.  But don’t take our word for it; check out our guest testimonials to help you make up your mind!

Are A La Carte Paris rentals centrally located and near public transit?    

All of our apartments are in the most central Parisian neighborhoods and are therefore located in the first 8 arrondissements.  All of our apartments are within immediate walking distance of major sights, shops, restaurants, and cafes.  Due to our perfectly located apartments, most find that they are able to enjoy the Parisian street life and visit most of the most desirable locations on foot, however, should you need them, metro stations will never be more than a quick 5 minute walk away.

Do you propose any insurance options?

For the past several years, we have been working with the company Adar, who provides reliable rental loss and liability insurance for short-term renters and covers cancellation and interruption.  Using the Adar provider is purely optional, as in some cases, our guests have their own insurance options.  Should you decide to use Adar, you will make a one time payment during the rental process.  For more information take a look at our optional loss, liability and cancellation insurance options.

What type of payment options are accepted? 

We accept 4 different forms of payment: 

- Credit Card, by using our secure server.  Please note we do not accept Discover or American Express.

- Wire Transfer 

- Cheques issued by your bank in euros.

- Although rare and only in special cases, Cash

There are so many great A La Carte Paris apartments, what is the best way to choose the perfect one for me? 

All of our luxury Paris apartments are selected to be in the best central locations, offering safety, sights, shopping, and ‘that’ Paris local street-life ambiance you’re after.  Unless you have a particular neighborhood in mind, you really cannot go wrong.  What we usually suggest is first deciding on how many bedrooms you need and then simply choose the apartment design based on your preferred style and usability.  Should you have trouble with stairs, do make sure there is an elevator, as in most cases there is not one provided in the older historic parts of central Paris such as the Marais and Ile Saint Louis.

What does the apartment rental price include?

Weekly rental rate includes, utilities, local (and sometimes international) landline telephone calls, linens, towels, and weekly cleaning with linen changes for stays over 11nights.  All apartments provide free access to cable, high-speed internet, and wifi.

For reduced monthly rates, there is a utilities charge at 100€ per month for 1-bedroom apartments and 150€ charge per month on 2-bedroom apartments.

I'm worried about my safety.  Are the A La Carte Paris rentals safe?

The locations we choose are safe to wander around in, at anytime of the day or night.  The neighborhoods are upscale and inhabited by high-class individuals and families.  Apartment buildings have security-code entry and sometimes an interphone buzzer as well.  Security should not be an issue during your stay.  Although not a huge problem, do be aware of pickpockets on the metro.    

What are the days and times of arrival and departure?

You are able to book any dates you choose, subject to availability.  There are no imposed days of arrival or departure.  Furthermore, we always try to accommodate your arrival at any time of the day during business hours, however, should there be guests leaving the day your arrive then you may drop off your luggage from 10 a.m. and take possession of the apartment from 2 p.m.  Likewise, should there be guest arriving the day you leave, then you will have to vacate the apartment by 10 a.m.  Should you wish to guarantee an early arrival or late departure, then we suggest booking an extra night. Please note there is a 60€ surcharge for arrivals after business hours or on the weekends and holidays.

How do I collect the apartment keys?

Upon arrival to the train station or airport, we ask that you call us and then go directly to the apartment.  We do ask for full details of your arrival when you confirm your booking.  Full check-in details as well as apartment address will be emailed to you upon receipt of your rental contract and full payment. 

What floor is my apartment located on?

Some might have noticed for each apartment page we have added the floor in which the apartment is located on.  To clear any confusion for our North American guests, please note that we use the European standard for floor levels.  For example, should the apartment be located on the first 'French floor' this would be considered the second floor for North Americans.  Please don't hesitate to clear any of this confusion during the bookings process by double checking your floor level with Katy our bookings manager

What should I pack so I'm fully prepared in the apartment?

All of our apartments are fully furnished and equipped of the amenities of modern living.  All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, hairdryers, cable TV, high-speed interent and wifi, as well as washing machines (and is most cases, dryers too).  Should you be traveling with any rechargeable electrical devices, the one item you will need to pack, is an adapter.  Other than that,  the only things you will need to pack is your personal belongings, as the rest you will find in the apartment.  Should you have future questions of what type of appliances the apartment is fitted with, please inquire the apartments respective listing as all information is provided.