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A La Carte Paris: 

Our company and how it all began...

In today's highly competitive market, A La Carte Paris has found what makes us unique and differentiates us from our competitors.  After over a decade of service, we have carved out our niche of providing the finest apartments, in the best central locations, with the service you love and respect.  After all these years, the company has grown into 3 facets: A La Carte Paris; short-term apartment rentals, A La Carte Invest; targeted apartment hunting, and A La Carte Design; targeted renovation and furnished redesign. 

Both A La Carte Invest and Design aid the growing number of people who would like to invest in the short-term rental market in Paris.  Over the years, we have taken on many investment projects giving our investors the opportunity to mix both pleasure and financial return.  This safe way of investing your money in a hassle-free turnkey Parisian apartment is the best way to generate profit while taking advantage of owning a vacation home to enjoy during your off time.  

These 3 facets of A La Carte Paris all work together, giving investors the opportunity to open their newly designed investment apartment to short-term renters and those who share the same love for the City of Light.  

How did A La Carte Paris begin?

Growing up, I had an appreciation for interior design and architecture, as my French mother was an interior designer and my English father was an architect.  With the freedom of living in a bilingual culture as well as the opportunity of living in many Anglophone metropolitan areas, such as London, Los Angeles, and Sydney, but having my home base in Paris, I was keen on starting a business that served the English speaking community in the French capital.   

When I stumbled upon the short-term rental concept in 2000, I noticed that the market was full of apartments that were bland and lacked charm.  Captivated by this market and thought that I could find a way to serve both real estate, interior design, as well as tourism, I decided to test it out with my own home, a well-designed apartment with high visual appeal, a great location, and personality.  During this beginning stage, I still laugh at the thought that I would stay with my family while my own apartment was booked!  Not soon after, owners started asking me to represent their apartments and since then the business has grown organically with positive word of mouth and choosing only the best apartments available. 

Today, that idea has grown into a team and I'm lucky to have found dedicated employees who are consistent with our growth over the years and committed to making your stay in Paris the best ever.  

Thank you for taking the time to read the history of A La Carte Paris and hope my team and I can welcome you to the City of Light soon! 

Alex Wagner


Company Information



RCS Paris B 443 911 441


4 rue Martel, 75010 Paris, France

Contact information:


Tel : +33 (0)1 42 46 42 57

Fax: +33 (0)1 45 23 50 67


Founded 2001

Currently employs 15 people

Currently represents 60+ apartments

2008 gross income: 1.6 M€

Average annual growth: +26%/year