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Would you like to own a beautiful apartment in Paris that you can use whenever you wish and that also generates income when you're not using it?

A growing number of people are investing in short-term rentals in Paris, because they offer a wonderful combination of advantages, in both terms of pleasure and financial returns. Owning a beautiful home in Paris is not only one of the safest ways of investing your money, it's also one of the most enjoyable too.

Here are the 7 biggest advantages:

The glowing feeling of pride and pleasure of owning a beautiful home in Paris

The freedom to use your Paris home whenever you wish

Guaranteed high rental revenue when you're away

A favorable tax regime

The likely prospect of high capital gains

A full-service rental management so that you have no hassles to worry about

Access to our maintenance teams to keep your apartment in perfect condition

Yes, I know, it sounds almost too good to be true...

So, where's the catch?

Although the advantages are clear as daylight, you might rightly be wondering how you might possibly go about getting such a result. What to do? How to do it? Where to start?? And then what??!

And that used to be the catch.

You see, it takes a LOT of experience, a LOT of hard work and a LOT of time to find the RIGHT apartment and then transform it beyond all recognition into a beautiful Paris gem: your fine Paris home and/or lucrative short-term rental.

Due to popular investor demand, A La Carte Paris created a new branch called "A La Carte Invest", to help investors like you join the ranks of our happy owners.

Since 2006, A La Carte Invest has successfully delivered over 20 beautiful homes to satisfied investor clients, either as Paris pied-à-terre homes that generate income when they're not being used by the owner, or as pure investments. Either way, it's a tried, tested and trusted formula that works. In fact, the formula works so well that several of our staff members have invested themselves in this manner, so we certainly put our money where our mouth is!

To learn more, visit our A La Carte Invest website. As a welcome bonus, you will be able to download our 23-page free report, called "The Success Factors of Paris Investment".

Also, to see our most recent investment apartments and to read our Paris real estate market updates, visit our blog: Invest in Paris Property for Profit: