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Advantages of Short-Term Apartment Rentals (S.T.A.R.)

If you do not yet know much about “Short-term Apartment Rentals” (STAR), the concept is very simple :

S.T.A.R. = Short-Term Apartment Rental, for those seeking weekly accommodation in Paris, for tourism, business or various personal reasons.

This concept is about to bring you a LOT of advantages. Here are the two biggest :

     Advantage #1: Earn more money

Renting your apartment short-term means you get more rental income. You will always earn significantly more money than with traditional Paris rentals (up to twice the amount of a classic long-term rental !).

     Advantage #2: Greater flexibility

Renting your apartment short-term means that if YOU want to use it yourself (or for of your friends / children / family members…), you can !

This would be completely impossible with a traditional long-term rental.

So you get the best of both worlds : a pied-à-terre home that allows you to earn considerably more money than if you were renting it year-long !

Now, you might be thinking :

“ Great. This seems like a dream… But what of the practical aspects ?”

“Renting for short stays must be excruciatingly difficult and stressful : constantly finding new clients, answering all their questions, sorting out problems, making sure the apartment is maintained, dealing with all the administrative aspects… This is just plain too much !”

Well, this is where WE come into play. 

You see, renting your apartment with A La Carte Paris has a lot of advantages… And no hassles or worries whatsoever.

When you delegate your apartment to us for short-term rental, here is how things work :

WE :

Find all the tenants for you

You do not need to search for anyone, show or sell your apartment, etc.

Select only quality tenants  

We are very serious about this part. With traditional long-term renting, you never really know how things are going to turn out (sometimes it could be an ordinary person who is fired and can no longer pay the rent, or maybe it will be students juggling with pizzas and sticking them to the ceiling).

Meanwhile, when you trust A La Carte with your apartment, you get only the best clients. Our high-end positioning means that our clients are wealthy, educated, cultivated, respectful individuals.

We have been a high-end agency for over 10 years and we have a database of thousands of great guests who like coming back for more and sending their friends, collegues and family. This is ensured by the fact that we:

Make sure your apartment is kept in perfect condition

Since our business is providing the short-term client with a top quality apartment, it is in our utmost interest to make sure your apartment remains impeccably clean and in perfect condition all year long.

Therefore we can also, if you wish, take care of all the maintenance aspects, while you remain quietly confident that whether you come and stay regularly in your apartment or only want to use it much later, it will always be perfect.

(On the flip side, anyone who has ever done direct rentals for longer terms knows how painful, time consuming and expensive it is to do all the maintenance and repair work once a long-term tenant leaves…)

Take care of ALL the administrative aspects

From paperwork to keys to tenant relationships… You have nothing to worry about, everything is done by us (and we have over 10 years experience doing it).

Send you money

All year, we transfer to you most of the rent our customers pay. Our margin goes towards the running of the activity (marketing, communication, advertising, etc.) and the running of the rentals (housekeeping, sheets, welcome, service during stay, etc.).

    While YOU :

Don’t take care of ANYTHING.  

You just relax, with the peace of mind that your asset will be kept in fine condition (see owner testimonials for proof.).

Always know WHEN your apartment is occupied.  

Our online planning tool is accessible to owners through our website. It allows you to know in advance when your apartment is occupied and when it is available.

Use your apartment whenever you want.

Whenever you want to block off dates for yourself, you can do see freely and easily using our online planning interface. Or, if you want to stop renting at any time (for yourself or perhaps your children), then that’s easy too.

Earn money

Not only is rental income considerably higher than traditional long-term rentals, but you also get the peace of mind of garanteed rent, in so far as clients pay all the rent in advance (and cannot occupy without paying).

If you are interested in renting your Paris apartment as a short-term rental, then please check here if your apartment matches our selection criteria..