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Do you own an apartment in Paris that you would like to Rent?

If so, you are probably concerned about certain issues.

Take a few moments to think about it.

Issues such as :

    1) How can I earn as much rent as possible from my Paris apartment ?

    2) How can I make sure the occupants of my apartment will respect and care for it ?

    3) How can I simultaneously rent my apartment and still have the flexibility of using it as my “pied-à-terre” home whenever I want to
        stay in Paris (or for my retirement/children) ?

    4) How can I get all this without any work or worries ?

You probably already understand that traditional long-term renting is a poor option (low income, low flexibility, high deterioration, high risk…).

If you are looking for the best way to maximize the income from your apartment or pied-à-terre, without worrying about any practical issues (including the time and trouble that goes with maintenance, unpaid rent or your relationships with the occupants…), then A La Carte Paris has an opportunity you might find VERY interesting.

This opportunity is called “Short-Term Apartment Rentals (S.T.A.R.)”.

- To find out EXACTLY why S.T.A.R. might be the right solution for you, check the 'Advantages' section..

- If you are already familiar with this concept, maybe you are hesitating about which agency to work with. If so, check the 'Why Choose A La Carte Paris' section. 

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