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Why Choose A La Carte Paris ?

If you are thinking about short-term rental for your apartment, maybe you are currently comparing several agencies.

We believe there are many reasons why you should want to choose A La Carte Paris.

1) We are EXPERIENCED (over 10 years)

In fact, when Alex Wagner created A La Carte Paris in 2001, there were almost NO short-term rental agencies in Paris.

This means we have been through a LOT of different situations.

Today, there is a reason why our owners still love and trust us : 

You feel relaxed with us:

- With short-term rentals, a problem or issue can spring up at any time. Rest assured that A La Carte Paris knows how to deal promptly and professionally with each of these situations.

You earn money:

- You get maximize occupancy for your appartment (we are picky about which apartments we include to our selection, but we are experts at filling them. And when we say, filling them, we don’t mean “find a group of students looking for bargain deal to set up parties”...).

How do we do this better than other agencies ? Well, we have created a number of tools and techniques that other agencies don’t have. For example there is our client newsletter, in which we pro-actively offer insider tips about Paris and exclusive special offers. We now have a list of many thousands of subscribers who have opted-in voluntarily to hear from us regularly. This boosts word of mouth and customer retention massively.


In other words, we are not a huge agency ‘managing’ hundreds upon hundreds of apartments (in some cases several thousand!), where being an owner means “being a number amongst many”.

Our portfolio is limited to only 65 apartments, and this is quite deliberate.

The reason for that is that we deeply CARE about the RELATIONSHIP we have with each owner we partner with. Our owners are our most important clients of all.

In the words of one of our owners, Aideen Riceman: "A La Carte Paris is a small company so it’s easy to build up a close personal relationship with the staff, whether it’s the person in charge of lettings, or accounts, or the person who deals with problems arising in the apartment".

The consequence is that we listen carefully to any ideas, issues or questions you might have. Your are renting your apartment through us, therefore we consider it normal to REALLY care about your personal satisfaction.

This limited size also means we can be PICKY about which customers we choose for renting your flat. We target high-income, well-educated, cultivated individuals. Our customers are responsible, respectful both for your apartment and the building and neighbors (this is important : as an owner, you do not want to have issues with the other co-owners of the building). Plus many of them are in fact returning customers, delighted by their previous stays.

Each of the apartments we represent has an careful individualized follow-up. From basic maintenance to impecable cleaning. We have our own salaried housekeepers, most of whom have been with us for several years.

  3) We are VERY PICKY about our apartments

If you’ve browsed our apartments, you’ve probably noticed that every single one of them has real style, visual appeal and allure.

In fact, not to blow our own horn, but we work hard to have the most beautiful selection of Paris apartments on the Internet.

And you know what ? Our customers notice. 

In fact, this strong focus on beautiful interiors combined with prime locations is the number one reason why they pick us over other competitors.

Now, what does it mean for YOU ?

Simple. Being part of the most beautiful portfolio of apartments is in and of itself a powerful form of advertising ; it says a lot about the quality of your apartment.

Many customers want to stay in a beautiful interior. Therefore they will pick YOUR apartment over others from other agencies. In a very crowded marketplace, this is gold.

It means you get a better occupancy rate. And therefore more money. With high-end customers who are educated and respect your property.

Now of course, these benefits imply something specific : we do not accept all apartments.

There is a stringent selection process that involves such criteria as location, accessibility, functional specification, quality of design, etc.


If you want to know whether you apartment might qualify to join the A La Carte Paris portfolio,check the list of selection criteria.

Si votre appartement correspond à nos critères, alors n’hésitez pas à nous soumettre votre appartement, nous vous répondrons très vite.