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Speak French Slang to Surprise and Charm the Parisians you Encounter!


It would really be “loufoque” to visit Paris without first studying a few typical slang words.

loufoque = crazy


I have been completely “accro” on Paris ever since I rented a furnished apartment with A la carte Paris apartments on my last trip

accro = hooked


Our stay in with A la carte was perfect, without an “anicroche”

anicroche = snag


When you book an short-term apartment with A la carte Paris apartments, everything is clear, there is no “baratin“

baratin = sweet-talk


I am sure that if you try staying in an A la carte rental, you will have a complete “beguin” on Paris

beguin = crush


Staying in an A la carte apartment or a hotel is not “kif-kif” at all. You have much more space and you feel at home in an apartment.

kif-kif = all the same


A la carte gave me an apartment guide booklet with so many “tuyaux” that I felt like a real Parisian during my stay.

tuyau = tip


During our stay in a furnished apartment we discovered so many nice restaurants while “vadrouiller” the streets

vadrouiller = to wander, stroll