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In the most central location in Paris, ile St Louis, resides a calm village like retreat that was once used as a cow pasture and named after Louis IX, the king of France in the 1200s.  The island itself is the smaller of two islands and is connected to the ‘mainland’ by 5 different bridges.  Its larger sister island, ile de La Cité, which is the home to the great Cathedral Notre Dame, is joined by a picturesque pedestrian bridge often filled with street performers.  

Ile St Louis, has minimal narrow streets and surrounded by romantic banks of the Seine, it has no monuments and is very residential but it is filled with restaurants, little shops, and art galleries and is most famous for its Berthillon ice cream. Venturing outside the banks of the island you are within easy walking distance to the most sought after locations.  Going north, you are greeted by the eclectic Marais; going south, the historic Latin Quarter and the Fashionable St Germain…

So grab your favorite flavor of Berthillon on this ever-romantic island and take a stroll or a seat next to the Seine to watch the boats float by discovering one of the finer things of the French life: true relaxation and appreciation of the moment.

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