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Save Time, Live Central

Not only is Paris a big town, but there are a LOT of things to enjoy here.

Do you appreciate culture, monuments and museums - for you or showing to your            kids.

Are you a food aficionado, eager to taste Paris’ finest restaurants.

Maybe some other days, you would just like to wander in the city, do some shopping        or enjoy a Berthillon ice cream on the “Pont Marie” bridge, close to the charming Ile        Saint Louis.

Whichever you fancy more, remember one thing : the closest you get from the center of Paris, the more you will have a density of interesting places.

This is why ALL our apartments are located in the center.

Over our 10 years of experience, we noticed how much our customers loved it, so we decided not to accept any apartment which wouldn’t be located in the top districts of Paris.

By having 100% of our flats located in outstanding areas, you are sure to enjoy a district full of charm and activities around.

We invite you to consider this criteria when you book your apartment. This way, you will spend less time in transportations to discover great places.

Which means you will have more time to enjoy the magic of Paris!

Here’s another advantage : you might plan some visits during the day and more relaxing activities in the evening. If your apartment is located in the center, you will have a LOT of activities close to the place where you live, which means you can go there on foot.

Alternatively, you could find yourself a charming Café Brasserie nearby to taste a glass of Bordeaux wine.

Famous places like Le Procope or Les deux Magots are great to try, and both are located in the center of Paris.