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You’ve got your eye on the Paris vacation rental of your dreams, but what dates should you book? Paris is beautiful at any time of the year and in any weather. In winter, there are so many things to do inside, from eating to spending the calories visiting museums, not forgetting the great January sales! In summer, you can bask in sunlight until 10pm. The timing of your visit to Paris depends on the experience you’re seeking.

Paris in Spring

Spring in Paris brings some beautifully clear, fresh days. That said, the weather during these months is unpredictable, so you’ll want to pack for warm, cold, wet and dry. At least you’ll experience the splendour of Paris under a variety of visually contrasting ambiances. The crowds of visitors won’t arrive until summertime, so you won’t need to wait in line much. Although the city will be refreshingly free of mass-tourists, the savvy renter of a Paris vacation rental will recognize spring as the one of the most desirable seasons.

Paris in Summer

Long sultry days are summer’s hallmark, with café terrace life lasting until 10pm or later. You’ll have longer days and therefore more time to enjoy Paris’ many sights. Paris women – the most attractive in the world – will be all the more exciting for their lack of layers. Although many Parisians take their vacations in August, don’t believe those who tell you the city shuts down. The streets are less stressful, the sidewalks less crowded, the cars less invasive and their drivers less aggressive. Sounds nice? It is. Some restaurants and shops will be closed, but with so many to choose from, this is never a problem.

Paris in Fall

After the serenity of August, Paris crackles back to life in September, a period know as “La Rentrée” (the return). This season is one of the most exciting of the year, when important art exhibitions open along with trendy new restaurants, shops and cafes. Airfares drop from summertime highs, and with temperatures in the 60’s, the weather is pleasant. We encourage guests to book their Paris vacation rental early, as there are many conventions and trade shows going on throughout this energetic period.

Paris in Winter

Paris winters are mild, with temperature usually keeping in the 40’s. Snow is very rare, which is a shame as its prettiness is in keeping with Paris’ strong visuals. You can find great airfare deals during winter and lines at museums and other sights will be mercifully short. November is a cheerful month with wine bars and cafés packed for the celebrations of the Beaujolais Nouveau, a fruity red wine released on the third Thursday in November. December and January are vibrant periods with marvellous Christmas street decorations and those with a passion for shopping can bag Paris style with 50% discounts during the great January sales!