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Rental loss and liability Insurance for your Paris apartment rental stay. 

Because the unexpected can happen... 

For that extra peace of mind, A La Carte offers you the option to subscribe to the Rental Loss and Liability Insurance via our partner Adar Insurance.


Whether you are an experienced traveler or not, coming to Paris is often a dream come true for most people.  With the opportunity to recuperate your losses, why risk all the money spent on your dream vacation for a situation that is beyond your control?  It is always best to take that extra bit of security!

Here are some reasons why A La Carte suggests one should consider rental loss and liability insurance: 

From our experience, we know as with any travels, the unexpected has its cost. With most bookings, our apartments are often booked well in advance of the guest's stay. It is during this time that a variety of unpredictable events can prevent one from reaching their intended destination.

Even if you are convinced that you have perfect health and you will not get sick, you cannot control all aspects of the world around you.  You can’t prevent every accident or fully protect yourself from everything and everyone around you.  Furthermore, you could think you are in excellent health and suddenly find out otherwise.

If you unexpectedly lose your job and your finances can truly not extend to a luxury vacation. Or imagine, on the day or up to 24hours before your travels you can't find your passport.

Also remember that this insurance is not entirely based on transport difficulties or illness.  For example, if you have a burglary in your home, flooding, or any other problems that can occur and prevent you from leaving your country.

Another aspect you may want to consider are damages that might occur during your stay in the apartment by mistake.

Unfortunately, we experience these cases and many others on a regular basis. 

By taking the loss and liability rental insurance you will have that extra peace of mind that disruptions to your plans can be covered and accidents won't disrupt your vacation.

Should you want to take advantage of our rental insurance option, let Katy know during your bookings process, the cost being only 6.5% of your total rental rate, assuring your stay in Paris be the best stay. Ever. 


Please note that the Rental loss and liability Insurance does not cover all possible causes.  In particular, you would not be covered for simply changing your mind about your stay.  However, our Flexible Rate insurance does allow you to change your mind up to one month before your stay. Also, failure to contact the insurer within two years of cancellation will invalidate your insurance under French law.

A LA CARTE PARIS APARTMENTS, LLC with an Initial Capital of 7500€, is an authorized representative of the CABINET ALBINET, member of ORIAS (www.orias.fr) under the reference # 12 067 439 and whose head office is located at 4, rue Martel, 75010 Paris. 
RCS PARIS B 443911441.